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Douglas 8 Yard Kilt

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Douglas 8 Yard Kilt

Our all-season Douglas 8 yard “OK”, Original Kilt, 80% acrylic + 20% wool kilts are amazingly soft and the 24-36 one inch rear pleats look great and hold their shape for a perfect fit. Each kilt is made from a generous ~8 yards of 12 oz. to 13 oz. fabric that gives a weight & year round comfort that you can feel in any season. Our 8 yard “OK” 80/20 Kilts are pleated to the set, so that the tartan pattern is preserved in the pleating  and the “OK” 80/20 has a smooth front that displays the full tartan pattern, 2 belt loops and 3 belt buckles , 1 in the inner apron and 2 on the outer. Standard length is 24″, custom sizing is available.



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